Why Use TourismBuilder?

TourismBuilder is a website builder and management platform for tourism destinations.
Moving your existing website to TourismBuilder gives you the following benefits:


Japan’s #1 CMS

TourismBuilder uses the WordPress CMS as part of our architecture, so you have the benefits of ease of use, strong security, regular updates, and a community of developers and designers familiar with the system.


Mobile Friendly

TourismBuilder allows you to take your current website and make it mobile friendly, so visitors can see it clearly on all their devices, and Google gives it a good ranking in the search results.



TourismBuilder’s multilingual platform allows you to reach visitor’s in their native language. Connect your content to its language pairs for ease of navigation and better ranking in the search engines.

Marketing Platform

Market your destination to visitors with a blog, newsletter, social media, and content which they can download and share with their friends and family.


Easy Editor


With the TourismBuilder WYSIWYG editor it’s easy to make changes to your site. Just drag and drop content and click to type. Simple!

Fully managed platform – we manage security updates

Keep Your Site Secure

Websites have many components which need to be kept up to date, the software that runs on the server, CMS (WordPress) core, plugins, contact forms, signup forms, etc. all need ongoing updates and maintenance. With TourismBuilder we manage all this for you on our dedicated, optimized server.


More Reasons to Use TourismBuilder

TourismBuilder has been developed through several years of working with destination marketing organizations to meet their specific needs. Here are a few more features that we’ve developed to help benefit our clients.


ecommerce enabled – sell local products on your site


On-page optimization for search engines


Cloud based subscription service


Analytics reporting of your visitor traffic


Online ticket support with 24 response time during business days


Social media sharing and integration

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